Tree services

Tree services
What to Consider When Hiring a Tree Service

The cost of scams is astounding, and sadly, the tree service business is not spared. The threat is real, and you have to protect yourself against it. Luckily, it’s all about arming yourself with the right knowledge in choosing a reputable tree service provider. More about this

Essentials Considerations

Licensing and Insurance

A good tree cutting service will have no qualms providing proof of their license and insurance as request. You need this to protect your property, including yourself and others in it.


Your local Chamber of Commerce and the Better Business Bureau are two examples of associations that support good business standing. Industry associations are also committed to ongoing education and the highest professional standards, including TCIA and ISA. Accreditation makes no guarantees, but it reveals how devoted a business is to its clients.

Arborist Certification

If your trees are not in good health or are dying, you have to hire a certified arborist. This professional will have the highest degree of knowledge that is required for the situation.

Industry Experience

Before hiring a tree service, know how experienced their team is and how long they’ve been in the tree cutting and maintenance business. Competition in this industry is tough; if a service made it to five years and up, that shows they’re doing a good job. Find out more here

Constant Availability

It is impossible to predict nature at all times, and good tree companies are aware of that. Hence, find one that you can depend on, whatever the season. You don’t want to be hopping from one tree service to the next, so hire one that will be around, always.

What to Avoid

Door-to-Door Approach

Reputable tree services will never knock on your door to ask for your business. Those that do are usually without a license or insurance, and that is a huge risk that you should never take. In case of accidents, you will be personally liable, which is not right at all.

Upfront Payment

If a tree service is asking money from you upfront, whether as partial or full payment, that’s a sign that they’re not right for you. A good tree service is paid after job completion to your satisfaction.

Black-and-White Estimate

A reputable tree company will provide a written quote that is highly detailed and complete, and includes a time frame for completion.


Lastly, take note that besides their technical competence, there’s a lot more you should know about a tree service. For instance, do they have a safety program (they should!), and if so, how does it work? Did they perform background checks on their employees before hiring them? Whatever relevant questions you have, they should give you satisfying answers.

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